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We believe that the foundation for every client portfolio is understanding how that portfolio will be used.

Retirement assets have a different time horizon than assets saved to fund college or assets to buy the retirement dream home. We want to understand you, your dreams and fears and we also want to get to know those you love. It’s the personal part of financial planning that brings meaning to what we do.

As far as our investment philosophy, we believe that it is “time in the market” versus “timing” the market that determines investment success. This means after carefully understanding your goals, resources, life stage and near term expected life transitions, that we will determine a mix of different types of stocks (Large/Small/US/International), bonds (debt of companies and governments, including tax-free municipal bonds where appropriate), and money market funds to meet your needs. Generally speaking, this will include cash reserves, income producing securities and growth oriented investments.

Our investment philosophy is shaped by the investment research put forth by Dimensional Fund Advisors. The foundation of our approach is to focus on what we and you can control. If you work with us, you’ll hear this a lot. We pay careful attention to taxes (especially how to minimize them), fees, overall risk levels and spending and saving.

Our bottom line is this: equity markets have historically offered the highest returns BUT only if you can stay invested. The pain of losses impacts each investor differently. Ultimately, your goldilocks allocation or risk-level is one you can stay with in negative markets and still sleep at night AND one you don’t experience too much FOMO or fear of missing out when markets are rising. We also believe it’s important to have cash on hand for expenses expected in the next year to eighteen months, and sometimes people need more cash reserves to feel comfortable and that’s okay too!

In our years of financial planning, we’ve never had a client miss a retirement paycheck. In good years, we might encourage you to take the extra trip, replace the old car, do the kitchen remodel. In bad years, we will advise you to cut back on big ticket purchases where possible. At the end of the day, we will partner with you to navigate the ups and downs of the markets, and life.

We will:
Our approach is to discover a client’s goals, determine the personal financial plan that is needed, and aid the client in reaching those goals. Our success is measured by how well our clients achieve their goals.
Hank has had a distinguished career in the financial services industry, including more than 40 years in the financial planning and securities fields. From 1985 to 2013, Hank provided fee-only financial planning services through his firm, Lifetime Planning, Inc. Hank merged his practice with Stacey’s in 2014. In addition, Hank is a member of both the local and the national chapters of the Financial Planning Association (FPA).
Hank received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Mississippi, where he also lettered in football. He received his initial securities training at Merrill Lynch. He was a financial planning consultant for the Memphis office of Ernst & Young and financial planner at Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc. from 1982 through 1984. In April 1984, Hank completed his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional requirements with the College for Financial Planning in Denver, Colorado.
In addition to his financial planning practice, Hank has enjoyed serving on the boards of Presbyterian Day School, Second Presbyterian Church, University of Mississippi, and the Christian Community Foundation. Hank served as the chief financial officer of the Christian Community Foundation from its inception in October 1998 until October 2000. Hank enjoys reading, hunting, and attending baseball and college football games.
Clay serves Envision Financial Planning’s clients as the investment officer and portfolio manager. His duties include overseeing the firm’s investment process and money management strategies with a strong focus on “goals-based” investment planning.
As a firm, we believe in concentrating on things we can control such as:
Clay is a native Memphian and a graduate of the University of Mississippi. He began his career working for a regional broker/dealer specializing in fixed-income securities, and prior to joining Envision, Clay was an investment research analyst and portfolio manager for a private wealth management firm in Memphis. Clay currently holds his FINRA Series 66 securities registration and obtained his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation in 2021.
In his free time, Clay enjoys playing golf, exercising, reading, and cooking with friends and family. He and his wife, Margot, have two boys named Callan and Wiley.